Managing auto-receptionist in the RingCentral mobile app

Last updated on May 18, 2022
With the auto-receptionist feature, you can:
Note: This feature can be configured by an administrator using the Ringcentral admin portal or mobile app.

Accessing the auto-receptionist menu

  1. Tap the More menu at the bottom menu bar.
  2. Tap Admin
  3. Navigate to Phone system > Auto-Receptionist.

Auto-receptionist settings

Auto-receptionist setting
  • IVR mode: Choose how calls to your company number are connected. Your options are:
    • Single level: Calls to your company number can be connected to an auto-receptionist or connected directly to an extension that you've created. 
    • Multi-level: Calls to your company number can be connected to a top-level IVR menu which can be configured to connect to an additional IVR menu or other system extensions.
  • Company Hours: Set your company hours to 24 hours (default) or Specify hours (custom).
  • Company Call Handling: Provides call handling options for top-level IVR menus or extensions. This controls what callers hear when they dial your company number(s) during and after business hours.
  • General IVR Settings: Customize what menu options callers have access to and where it connects the callers.
  • Company Fax/SMS Recipient: Select the extension to receive faxes and business SMS when connecting incoming calls to company numbers to IVR menus with multi-level IVR enabled.
  • Dial-by-Name Directory: Allows callers to find the extension they want by entering a first or last name using their dialpad keys. You can assign names to extension numbers by tapping Extensions in Directory.
  • Call Recording: Enable your users to record calls at any time by pressing *9 on a phone dialpad. You can also choose recording start and stop greeting by choosing one of the following options: Default or Custom. You can also choose the default language the greeting text of the recording is. 
  • Regional Settings: Set user's location, language, greeting language, and time zone. Modify the fields as desired, and then tap Save.
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