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RingCentral Enterprise Dial Plan - Max Extension Length

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This article outlines the experience when enabling Max Extension Length for Enterprise Dial Plans.

Key features and benefits:

• Increases maximum extension length from 6 to 8 digits
• Optional Outbound Call Prefix can be used with any extension length to help users indicate when they are dialing external vs internal numbers
• Some accounts may have to enable and configure Outbound Call Prefix to reduce conflict between Internal extensions and local external numbers.
• Enterprise Dial Plan - Max Extension Length format is supported when logging in or making a call on the RingCentral Phone for Desktop.


• Available on-demand to all RingCentral MVP accounts
• Supported on RingCentral Phone app for Desktop
• Ideal for accounts with 1000+ users
• Contact Support to enable. 


• To help reduce conflicts, the Default Area Code (DAC) feature is disabled. To reach external destinations, users must dial full external numbers e.g. 6507774444 or 16507774444)

• If there is an overlap between internal numbers and external numbers, you need to enable Outbound Call Prefix.

• Support will have to enable Outbound Call Prefix for your account. Once enabled, you can configure it on the Admin Portal. For more information go to Enterprise Dial Plan – Outbound Call PrefixDefault Area Code will be enabled for this configuration.

IMPORTANT:  When selecting the outbound call prefix digit, determine if the desired digit overlaps with special, reserved numbers based on your location(s). For example, in Poland, the Fire Brigade number is 998 and Municipal Police is 986.  If ‘9’ is selected as the outbound call prefix digit, it will create an overlap between dialing the Fire Brigade without the prefix (998) and the Municipal Police with the prefix (9,98).  Other countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Costa Rica have similar special numbers. 

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RingCentral Enterprise Dial Plan - Max Extension Length
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