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Configuring the Site Codes template | RingCentral MVP

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This article provides the steps to upload and configure your site codes using the template.

The Site Codes template lets RingCentral customers configure their Site Codes and Short Extension dial plans offline.

Note: You can use the Site Code template only when enabling Site Codes for the first time. All changes to the Site Code configuration must be made in your RingCentral online account.

To configure the Site Codes template:

  1. Enable or disable the Multi-site feature.
    1. Go to the Admin Portal and sign in.
    2. Go to More > Account Settings > Multi-Site Settings.
    3. Adjust the toggle to Enable account support for multiple sites. Toggle to switch for Enable account support for multiple sites
  2. Get the Site Codes template.
    1. Click Get Template.
    2. Specify your desired Site Code length and Short Extension Number length.
    3. Click Download.
    4. Note: You can’t change the Site Code length or Short Extension number length in the template. If you change your mind about the lengths for these figures, click Get Template, enter your preferred figure lengths, and download a new template.
  3. Review the downloaded template and make any necessary changes.
    1. Check the Beginning of Site Data section. Update or review the proposed Site codes and Short extension numbers.
    2. Check for the following conflicts:
      • Length is too long or too short. 
      • You’ve entered duplicate Site Codes or Short Extensions.
      • You’ve entered duplicate Full Extension numbers.
      • Site Codes and Short Extensions can’t start with the Outbound Call Prefix.
  4. Upload the template to enable Site Codes after reviewing it.
    1. Click Upload Template.
    2. Locate the template file on your computer and upload it. You can drag the template or click Choose a file and then click Upload.
    3. Note: If the system detects any errors, you’ll be prompted to make changes.
    4. Site Codes will be enabled once the template file is completed. You can also edit the Site Codes Settings.
Upload template to enable Site Codes

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