Engage Digital | Intro to identity tags

Last updated on July 15, 2021
Identity tags enable your agents to identify the customer with whom they are messaging. To improve your digital customer interactions, you may want to know more about your customer. You may also want to distinguish certain customers from the rest by granting them a preferred status of some kind.
Identity tags let you label certain customer types, like VIP customers, public figures, or customers who are influential on the internet. You can also use an identity tag to manage messages that are received by folder, to construct a search query, or to create a rule that triggers on a message based on an identity tag.

Admins can manage the identity tags in the platform by navigating to Digital > Identity tags via the left-hand navigation bar. When the admin creates identity tags, agents will be able to see those tags and apply one or more tags to a customer. Agents can work with identity tags in either the Inbox or Routing mode. The Identity tags page lists the identity tags and the number of customers tagged with each identity.
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