Engage Digital | Intro to activity tracking reports

Last updated on November 24, 2021
Activity tracking reports are a standardized way to get information on the message and agent activity in your contact center. There are a variety of reports that represent the most common data that you may want to analyze. You can find activity tracking reports by navigating to Analytics > Activity Tracking and selecting a specific report.

About Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) mode

Most of the time, your agents have actual working times in the interface that vary from one agent to another. This makes comparing performance between agents more complex because the volume of production depends on the time they spend in the tool. 
The full-time equivalent mode is available in certain reports, including the Messages activity, Conversations activity, and Interaction activity reports, to allow you to compare the performance of agents who work different amounts of time. You can turn this mode on or off by selecting On or Off from the FTE control. The default is Off. The system calculates the presence time of agents to extrapolate agent performance on the basis of an FTE. The calculation is based on presence time.
Enabling FTE in these reports allows you to see agent performance on an equal footing (by default, based on a seven-hour work day). For example, if an agent works for one hour during which they close 10 conversations, the extrapolation in FTE mode will be 70 closures. If their colleague closes 30 conversations in 3.5 hours, then the extrapolation in FTE mode will be 60 closures.
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