Engage Digital | Intro to quality reports

Last updated on November 24, 2021
Quality reports allow you to get information on the quality of agent responses and service level in your contact center. There are a variety of reports that represent the most common data that you want to analyze. You can find quality reports by navigating to Analytics > Quality and selecting a specific report.

Business hours

You may want to view reports that take in account your company’s hours of operation, or business hours. When you switch to business hours, the response and conversation times are only taken into account between the opening and closing hours that you defined in Admin > Settings > Business hours.

Suppose that your business hours are from 9am to 6pm. If a customer messages you at 8am and an agent replies to them at 9:30am, the first response time for the conversation will be 1h30min outside business hours. Switching to business hours only, the first response time goes from 1h30min to 30min only (9h30min - 9h = 30min).

If you don’t want to take into account the time elapsed outside business hours, you can enable business hours by using the switch button that is available for the following reports: Average first response time, Average response time, and Service level.
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