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Last updated on November 24, 2021

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The Messages by channel report allows you to analyze the distribution of incoming and outgoing messages by channel. These measurements include incoming messages from customers, and the outgoing messages of a team, an agent, or a service provider.

Analyzing the distribution of incoming flows

To view the incoming flows, select Incoming Messages from the dropdown menu. 
This view allows you to visualize the channels that your customers use the most over the selected period.
Messages by channel report
By filtering by category, you can then visualize the distribution of the types of requests and the subjects covered through your different channels (according to the categories you’ve created in the admin interface). 
For example, the Grand Travel - Engage Messaging channel makes up 25% of the messages received for December 9, 2020.

Analyzing the outgoing flow of a team, an agent, or a service provider

By filtering by Agent Messages, then by team(s) or agent(s), you can check which channels these teams or agents respond to primarily. If you outsource part of your feed through a service provider and a corresponding team has been created, you can analyze their outgoing flow and compare it to yours.
View of additional info when you hover your mouse over a group component
For example, among the messages assigned to a team, messages on a Facebook channel represent 38% over a selected period. Also, suppose that the team has not processed messages on Android in-app chat (0%).
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