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Updating your phone’s emergency response location in the Admin Portal

Last updated on December 2, 2022

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Emergency response locations (ERL) are addresses that emergency responders use to locate the person who has made an emergency call. Without an assigned ERL:
  • You may be prevented from calling any number that’s not one of your company’s extensions.
  • Emergency calls may be routed to a national response center rather than to the nearest emergency responders.
Company ERLs are set by admins. You can set your personal ERL in the Admin Portal. A personal ERL might be a home office, a hotel, or any company location where your admins may not have set up a company ERL.
Once you create a personal ERL, you can use the Admin Portal to select that ERL as your location. You can set up a maximum of 20 ERLs.

Setting your phone’s ERL

In the Admin Portal, you can add, configure, or delete ERLs for your phone or the RingCentral Phone app. Read more about managing your personal emergency response locations.
  1. Go to the Admin Portal and sign in.
    • If you’re an admin, click the dropdown at the upper right, then select My Extension.
    • If you’re not an admin, proceed to step 2.
  2. Go to Settings > Phone & Numbers.
  3. In the Phone Nickname column, select the phone you want to manage.
Open settings on the admin portal
  1. Under Emergency Response Location, click Edit Location.
Input emergency location information
  1. You have two options for assigning your phone’s ERL.
  • Click the dropdown, then select a company ERL or an existing personal ERL.
  • To create a new ERL, click New to the right of the dropdown.
    • In the Add Emergency Response Location popup window, enter the relevant info in the Location type and Nickname fields, then click Add.
  1. Click Done.
Input emergency location information
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