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Intro to Meeting insights in RingCentral Video

Last updated on April 15, 2023
RingCentral Video’s Meeting insights feature automatically generates video “highlight reels” and searchable text summaries of your RingCentral Video meetings. Meeting insights uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to generate keyword-based clips, transcripts, summaries, and topic lists.
Meeting insights is available in the RingCentral apps for desktop, web, and mobile.

Meeting insights features

  • Meeting summaries: Auto-generated recaps of your meeting. You can edit summaries for clarity.
  • Video highlights: Brief, auto-generated “highlight reels” of your meeting’s most important moments.
  • Video topics: Clickable, editable keywords that let you skip directly to relevant video clips.
  • Transcripts: Searchable, downloadable text transcripts of your meeting’s conversation. When you play a video recording, color-coded text syncs to your meeting’s audio, so you can follow video and text simultaneously. You can also click anywhere in the transcript to play the video from that point. 
  • Notes: Displays the notes made during the meeting. You and your team can still edit the notes after the meeting for offline collaboration.
  • Meeting keywords: Clickable keywords that you can use to search and navigate transcripts.
Advanced meeting insights features

Accessing Meeting insights

All RingCentral users have access to Meeting insights.
Desktop & web
Desktop & web
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