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Last updated on October 26, 2021

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Engage Messaging is RingCentral’s implementation of a chat app that can be built into your website, mobile app, or both. Contact your CSM for help with the implementation.

General settings

Beside Avatar, click Choose file to upload a profile image that customers will see in the chat window when agents respond. For best results, use an image with a 100 x 100 resolution.

While the uploaded image has a square border in the Avatar field, please note it actually has a circular border when it appears in the Agent interface and in the customer’s chat window. Finally, there is no default or placeholder avatar, which means if you don’t upload an image, the agent will have no avatar at all.

Scope configuration

Check the corresponding option to activate the chat mode or modes that your company is using to connect those to the platform.
  • Enable Android messaging: Check to enable asynchronous messaging in your Android app. 
  • Enable iOS messaging: Check to enable asynchronous messaging in your iOS app.
  • Enable Web messaging: Check to enable asynchronous messaging in your website.
  • Enable Live Chat: Check to enable real-time messaging in your website.

Chat customization

  • Custom CSS colors: Lets you adjust the colors of the various elements in the chat window as needed. It accepts CSS and SCSS code.
  • Messaging window title: The chat window title.
  • Company message title: The company message title. This appears only if the chat window is in floating mode.
  • Company message subtitle: The company message subtitle. This appears only if the chat window is in floating mode.
  • Messaging window CSS: Lets you adjust the attributes of the various elements in the chat window as needed.
  • Custom languages: Lets you add languages or modify the text in existing languages. (optional)

Advanced settings

These settings let you toggle or adjust optional Engage Messaging features. These settings are not visible when creating a new Engage Messaging channel. To see the Advanced settings of a newly created channel, save your changes then reopen the newly created channel’s configuration page.
  • Enable navigation contents: Check to show the agent the list of pages within the company website that the customer has visited. If this option is disabled, the agent will see only the name of the current page that the customer is viewing. 
  • Enable web notifications: Check to enable native browser notifications.
  • Enable debug mode: Leave this option unchecked. Debug mode is used during the implementation phase to solve issues.
  • Enable automatic request for email: Check to display an automatic message in the chat window that asks the customer for an email address where the platform can send notification emails. If this option is enabled, the automatic message will appear after the customer’s first message in a new conversation. This feature is available only in Engage Messaging’s Web messaging mode.
  • Allow multiple conversations in parallel: Check to enable the New conversation button. The button allows agents to start up to two more conversations alongside the current one. This feature is available only for mobile messaging modes and the asynchronous Web messaging mode.
  • Back to chat link: The text that will be displayed for the link that will take the customer back to the chat and the last page on the company website that they visited. The platform will automatically send this link to the email address that the customer provided if the customer does not read the agent’s messages within 15 minutes. This feature is available only in Engage Messaging’s Web messaging mode.
  • Queueing factor: A modifier to allow and adjust the number of queueing slots. Leave this at 0.0 to disable queueing. 

    The number of queueing slots is determined by multiplying the number of busy agents assigned to the channel by the default capacity for the asynchronous channel group as well as the queueing factor. For example, if you have four busy agents, the default capacity for your asynchronous channel group is 2, and you set the queueing factor to 0.25, the number of queueing slots will be 4 x 2 x 0.25, which is equal to two slots.


Integration allows Engage Messaging to send records of events to Google for analytics purposes.
  • Google Analytics Classic (ga.js): Check to enable Google Analytics Classic integration.
  • Google Universal Analytics (analytics.js): Check to enable Google Universal Analytics integration.


Multi-domain allows Engage Messaging to share local storage across domains.
  • Enable multi-domain: Check to enable multi-domain.
  • Allowed domains: The list of domains for which local storage sharing is enabled.

Greeting messages

Use these fields to add welcome messages for new conversations.
  • Language: The language of the message. 
  • Message: The greeting message itself. For example, “Hi! How can we help you today? Our agents normally respond within 30 seconds.” You can use variables to customize the message. Click Show available variables to see a list of variables that you can use.
Click the Add plus sign icon to add greeting messages in other languages.

You also have the option to create custom messaging variables for Engage Messaging channels. These variables indicate a variety of information regarding the customer’s actions on your company website or app, such as whether they’re logged in or the product that they are viewing. You then have the option to display this information in the Agent interface in Routing mode when the customer reaches out. You can also relay these variables to your company’s website or app developer for use as triggers for the Engage Messaging chat window to appear. See Messaging variables for more information on this feature.
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