Engage Digital | Intro to extensions

The Extensions page allows you to enable certain opt-in functionality in the system. Some examples are functions related to authorization features for system access like JWT or SAML single sign-on (SSO).
Other functions are IP filtering, data management features like automatic exports and data purging, as well as agent-related features like reply assistant or custom satisfaction surveys. Lastly, we have message management features such as the rules engine.  
Before configuring any of these features in your account, you should enable the appropriate extension:
  • Customer satisfaction surveys: Enables sending satisfaction surveys to users who have been supported by an agent. An agent can send a link to a customized survey to the customer through a private message on a channel that has private messaging capability
  • Data purging: Enables the automatic suppression of messages and client information that exceed a retention period that you define. Unlike ignored contents, the purged data are deleted permanently and can’t be restored. Data will be purged the following day 
  • IP filtering: Restricts the list of IP addresses authorized to view the website
  • JWT Single Sign On: Enables an SSO authentication module reserved for system administration
  • Netino Moderatus: Enables the system to access Netino, a content moderation company, to filter and analyze the flow of conversations to be moderated
  • Rules engine: Enables you to perform actions (categorization, ignoring, priority boost) based on specific conditions in the body of messages. To learn more, read Intro to rules
  • SAML Single Sign On: Enables an SSO authentication module reserved for system administration
  • Sentiment analysis: Enables the collection of sentiment analysis data on message body content
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