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There may be times when you’d like to make changes to one or more phone numbers associated with your account(s). When you’re ready to make the changes, you can do so via the Phone Numbers tray setting under Channels. 
You can make changes to individual numbers or multiple numbers simultaneously –– including changing the associated account, assigning number(s) to a different product (e.g. an inbound queue or IVR), and more. 
Please note that to edit your numbers, first you must view –– not download –– a list of numbers via the Phone Numbers page. If you’d like to learn how to view, filter, and download your number lists, visit Viewing and downloading phone numbers
After you enter your search criteria and click the View List button, your number list will appear in the DNIS Result List section on the bottom half of the page.
Once you see your list of numbers highlighted in blue in the first column on the left, you’re ready to edit. You can edit individual numbers one at a time or you can edit more than one number simultaneously. 

How to edit phone numbers

To edit your phone numbers, follow these steps: 
1. Navigate to Channels > Phone Numbers via the left-hand navigation bar
2. Filter and view your number list via the DNIS Filter Criteria and DNIS Result List sections
3. If you’d like to edit an individual number, click on that number (highlighted in blue in the DNIS column) to open the TFN/DID Edit modal window OR
4. If you’d like to edit multiple numbers simultaneously, follow these steps:

a. Check the box at far right of each of the numbers you’d like to edit. If you’d like to select all numbers in the list, select the checkbox at far right in the table header

b. Select the Edit [x] items blue text in the right-hand corner of the DNIS Result List section to bring up the TFN/DID Edit modal window

5. Use the available fields under the Configuration, Call Assignment, and/or Chat Assignment tabs to make changes to your number
6. Click the Save button at bottom right to close the modal window

Editing configuration settings

When you pull up the TFN/DID Edit modal window, you’ll see three tabs –– the Configuration tab, the Call Assignment tab, and the Chat Assignment tab. 
Under the Configuration tab, you’ll see many fields. Let’s review each of these below.
  • Account: This field indicates which account is associated with your number(s). If you have more than one account, you can use this field to assign your number(s) to a different account
  • Created, Last Modified, and Last Modified By: These fields indicate when the number was created, when it was last modified, and who last modified it
  • Description: This field allows you to add any descriptive information you like
  • Orig DNIS: If you have an external number that is forwarded to a number in the platform, this field can indicate the external number. Keep in mind that any number you enter here will only be for reporting purposes. This field does not in any way affect the number(s) you edit 
  • Custom App String: This field indicates whether or not a number you’re editing is linked to an application that was custom designed prior to the current version of the platform. Only use this field if you have a preexisting custom application
  • Notes: This field can be useful for categorizing or filtering your numbers (as discussed in Viewing and downloading phone numbers). You may see information already populating this field — feel free to edit it here as needed
  • Answer Type: This field determines whether a call will ring indefinitely or return a busy signal when a queue is closed or no agents are available. Options include the following:
    • Standard Answer: This option allows you to search for numbers that ring indefinitely and do not return a busy signal
    • Busy on Closed/No Agents: This option allows you to search for numbers that return a busy signal when a queue is closed or there are no agents available
  • SMS Enabled: This box indicates whether you can assign chat capabilities to your number(s). If this box is checked, your number(s) can be configured for chat and you will be able to access the Chat Assignment tab in this modal window. If this box is not checked, the Chat Assignment tab will be greyed out and inaccessible. If you would like to enable this feature, please reach out to your CSM who can provide temporary access for testing and/or discuss pricing with you. Once you have SMS enabled, you will be able to access the Chat Assignment tab and assign your number a chat queue. 
  • Twilio API Key: If you have a Twilio account, you can Insert a Twilio API key into this field. This field allows you to use the number you are editing for chats (in addition to calls). In order to use this field, you must have enabled SMS on your account
  • Media Codes: These fields are rarely used and only apply to specific account types. Your CSM will let you know if this applies to your account

Editing call assignments

The next tab in the TFN/DID Edit modal window is the Call Assignment tab. In this tab, you can edit settings related to the assigned products and product items.
The number of fields you see under the Call Assignment tab depends on whether or not the number has already been assigned. If it is unassigned, you’ll only see one field — Product Type
Once you choose a product type, additional fields will appear. See below for all the field options.
  • Product Type: This field specifies which product is associated with your number(s). Options include the following: Unassigned, Inbound Queue, Cloud Profile, and IVR Studio
  • Item: This field allows you to select a particular product item. For example, if you choose inbound queue for the product type, the Item field will allow you to choose any of the inbound queues you’ve created for the specified account(s)
  • Start Date and End Date: These fields allow you to create a time frame within which your numbers will be considered active. You can type a date directly into each field or use the calendar icon at far right of each field to select a date. Please note that you are not required to enter an end date, but you are required to enter a start date

Editing chat assignments

If you have SMS enabled, you can use the Chat Assignment tab to assign a chat queue to your number. All you have to do is click on the Chat queues field and select an available queue from the dropdown menu. Keep in mind that you will need to create and configure a chat queue before you can use this tab to assign a queue.
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