Engage Voice | Intro to data elements and event triggers

As we discussed in Intro to web services, when you define web services, you configure how those services are invoked to stream real-time or near real-time data to other web-based computing systems while calls are in progress. The control of invoking a web service is through a webhook, or trigger. This article describes which data elements can be streamed through a web service and which events can trigger a web service invocation.

Data elements

You can stream real-time events from data elements that describe data related to inbound call distribution and outbound dialing. To understand the meaning and usage of these data elements, see the reference material in Reports reference. Where definitions appear in more than one report, review the definition for the report type that applies to the call details you want streamed from your web service invocation.
The real-time events you can stream include:
List of real-time events you can stream

Survey data elements

To send survey results via SOAP/HTTP, configure and save the survey first, then create the SOAP/HTTP service, and then configure your outbound campaign to send the data when an agent dispositions a call.

Event triggers

You can transmit a real-time feed of data elements at a number of different points in a call’s lifecycle:
  • Inbound calls:
    • When an inbound call dequeues
    • When an agent connects
    • When a call ends
    • When an agent dispositions an inbound call
    • When certain queue events occur
    • When customers select IVR touch tones
  • Outbound calls:
    • When a call ends
    • When an agent dispositions a call
    • When an agent connects
  • Cloud routing:
    • When calls start, connect, or end
  • Track numbers:
    • When a call ends
  • Chat:
    • When a new chat request goes into queue
    • When a chat request dequeues to an agent
    • When an agent connects
    • When a chat ends
    • When certain queue events occur
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