Engage Voice | Managing your chats

Once you’ve received and accepted a chat message, you’ll have several options for managing your chat. These options include requeuing a chat to a different agent and/or chat queue, providing notes on a chat, dispositioning a chat, and closing out a chat once you’ve completed an interaction. 
Let’s review each of these options for managing your chat below. 

Requeuing a chat

Requeued chats are chats that are placed back into another queue handled by the next available agent assigned to that chat group. You can only transfer to the chat queues available to you in your requeue dropdown option. 
To requeue a chat, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to Chat via the left-hand navigation bar
2. Select the chat you’d like to requeue from the left pane
3. Click the Requeue button located just above the message field at the bottom of the left pane
4. Select a chat queue via the Requeue Queues dropdown menu
5. Select a skill from the Requeue Skills dropdown menu
6. Click Ok to requeue the chat and open the Disposition modal window
7. Enter any notes and select a disposition to mark the outcome of the chat (more on this below)
8. Click Submit

Configuring requeue settings

Now that we’ve reviewed how to requeue a chat, let’s discuss what settings you’ll find in the Requeue modal window. 
  • Requeue Queues: This allows the agent to manually send an accepted chat to a specific inbound queue
  • Requeue Skills: This allows the agent to manually send an accepted chat to another agent with a specific skill 

Taking notes on a chat

An agent can take notes on an active chat in two places: by clicking Agent notes above the chat message field or via the notes field in the Disposition modal window. Any notes entered via Agent notes will automatically transfer in the Disposition modal window before ending the chat. 
For more information about taking notes and their uses, visit Taking notes as an agent

Ending and dispositioning a chat

A chat disposition is a label that describes the outcome of the conversation. To end and disposition a chat, follow these steps:
1. Click on the chat from the Chat menu that  you’d like to resolve
2. Click End chat located at the top of the left pane
3,. Click Yes to end the chat. This will close the conversation and open the Disposition modal window 
4. Enter any agent notes in the Notes field 
5. Choose a disposition from the Disposition dropdown menu
6. Click Submit
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