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Agent: Navigating the Engage CRM integration

For a PDF download of the Engage CRM integration Agent Guide, click here.
Once you’ve logged in to the Engage CRM integration app, the first thing you’ll notice is the call history tab where you’ll see all of your interactions listed. Above that is the search bar where you can search for records saved in your CRM. You can set your agent state and enable the agent leg at the top to start making and receiving calls. 
Right next to the search bar is the dialpad icon, which when clicked, will bring up a floating dialpad. Along with the call history tab, you’ll notice several icons that open different tabs available to you, such as the support, settings, and notifications tabs. 
There are also parts of the interface that will only be available when you’re receiving a call or if you’re taking one. When a call is coming in, the call history tab will show the active call display, and when you answer the call, the caller’s information will expand and the interface will show the workflow tabs. 
Let’s review these major components below.

Top status bar

The top status bar is the bar at the top of the integration app and contains buttons that you interact with to configure the following:
  • Agent state: Located at the top of the integration app, you can set your agent state in a dropdown menu.
  • Agent Leg: You can turn on or off your Agent Leg state using this toggle switch, which connects the Engage CRM integration app to your RingCentral Phone app.
  • Search: You can search for a person or a company saved in your CRM’s records with the search bar.
  • Dialpad: You can manually dial a number for an outbound call using the dialpad when you click on the dialpad icon.
View of the Top status bar in Engage CRM integration

Navigation tabs

Just below the top status bar are the different elements you’ll find in the home page. These are the following:
  • Call History tab: The default tab on login, you’ll find your interaction history in this tab.
  • Support tab: You’ll find the version number as well as support contact information in this tab.
  • Settings tab: Change your profile picture, your extension number, edit your profile, and change other system settings in this tab.
  • Notifications tab: You’ll find your @ mentions in this tab.
View of the Navigation tabs in Engage CRM integration

Active call display and workflow tabs

The home page’s interface changes when you interact with a caller. You’ll find the following elements when you’re receiving a call and when you answer them.
  • Active call display: The interface displays basic information at the top of the page when one match is found. You may resolve to this display by clicking on a specific record if there are multiple matches to a caller.
  • Workflow tabs: When you interact with a customer, the workflow tabs will be displayed. These tabs include the Activity tab, Info tab, and the Actions tab. Read Agent: Using the Engage CRM integration to learn more.
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