Engage Voice
Setting up IVR screen pop and IVR alerts
for Engage Voice in Salesforce

The Engage Voice Salesforce integration has two IVR-related features, which are IVR-based screen pop and IVR-based Alerts. Admins have the capability to configure these features from the Engage Voice IVR to the integration in Salesforce. These features provide agents the customer information they need when they accept calls. Agents can also be alerted whenever a customer enters information based from the IVR script.
So, when a customer calls into the Engage Voice contact center and enters details through the IVR, the details can be passed through the Salesforce integration. The details can be passed directly to the integration or can be looked up in the Salesforce database, and then passed to the integration. To set up these features for the integration, you need to have configured an IVR in Engage Voice. See Creating an IVR.
If you have an IVR ready in Engage Voice, you can then configure the two features in the integration.

IVR-based screen pop

The IVR-based screen pop works based on the ANI match, where the relevant record in Salesforce is pulled based on the phone number in the record. The IVR-based screen pop will override the standard ANI-based match and will use the information in the call packet to pull up the relevant record. You can screen pop a record based on its Salesforce case, based on its record ID, or based on the object name and type.

Screen pop a Salesforce Case

To screen pop a Salesforce case, the key-value needs to be set in the script properties:


For example, if the Salesforce Case with the case #00001026 needs to be pulled up in a screen pop, the key value could be set as ivr.putReportField("IVR_CRM_CASE_ID", "00001026"); in the IVR script.
View of key values in Engage Voice IVR script
In the integration, you will see the number under Case Number
Example of the Engage Voice widget in Salesforce

Screen pop any Salesforce record based on its record ID

Any Salesforce record can be enabled to screen pop based on its Salesforce Record ID. The key values should be used as below:
ivr.putReportField("IVR_CRM_RECORD_ID", "0013h00000DaMYRAA3");
View of key values in Engage Voice IVR script
In the integration, the record ID will appear on the URL.
Example of the Engage Voice widget in Salesforce

Screen pop a record based on the objects name and type

Any record in Salesforce can also be pulled for screen pop based on the object name and type. For example, an account named “Sri Shipping Corporation” can be pulled by passing the following key values.
ivr.putReportField("IVR_CRM_OBJECT_VALUE", "Sri Shipping Corporation")
ivr.putReportField("IVR_CRM_OBJECT_TYPE", "Opportunity")
View of key values in Engage Voice IVR script
Some of the records that can be pulled via screen pop are Contact, Account, Opportunity, Lead, Campaign, and Case. These details will appear in their respective sections in the integration when the case is opened. 
Example of the Engage Voice widget in Salesforce

IVR-based alerts

Agents can be alerted about key information pertaining to the customer calling in. This information can be collected via data dip scripts based on the information provided by the customer in the IVR. 
There can be up to three alerts that can be passed to the agent through the IVR script. The alerts contain a subject and a body. The key values can be set as such below:
ivr.putReportField("IVR_ALERT_SUBJECT_1", "Customer is past due on payment")
ivr.putReportField("IVR_ALERT_BODY_1", "Customer is past due on payments. Grace period of 15 days is permissible")
ivr.putReportField("IVR_ALERT_SUBJECT_2", "Rental equipment not returned")
ivr.putReportField("IVR_ALERT_BODY_2", "Rental equipment is not returned. Notify customer to return within 20 days to avoid penalty")
ivr.putReportField("IVR_ALERT_SUBJECT_3", "Customer is a Tier 1 customer")
ivr.putReportField("IVR_ALERT_BODY_3", "This customer is a premium customer. Notify supervisor for any escalations")
The image below shows an example of setting three alerts for the agent about a customer.
View of key values in Engage Voice IVR script
In the integration, the alert will appear to the agent in the widget as shown in the image below.
Example of the Engage Voice widget in Salesforce
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