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Setting up SugarCRM for CRM integration

For a PDF download of the SugarCRM Admin Guide, click here.

Setting up SugarCRM for CRM integration is fast and easy. There are conditional requirements that you may or may not need, which we will discuss below. The simple way of setting it up only requires the following: 
  • SugarCRM Hostname: Hostname for your SugarCRM instance.
  • SugarCRM Service Account Username: The username for the dedicated Engage CRM integration service account. For example, the API user. 
  • SugarCRM Service Account Password: The password for the dedicated Engage CRM integration service account.
  • SugarCRM version: Your current SugarCRM version.
When installing and setting up an Engage CRM integration, you only need to provide the requirements mentioned above with no additional configuration within your system. Please note that Engage CRM integration supports all versions of SugarCRM. 
SugarCRM currently does not support the EngageCRM integration embedded UI, so you’ll have to install the Google Chrome extension. There’s no difference between the functionality of the two versions. To learn more about the CRM integration app, read our agent guides starting with Agent: Logging in to the Engage CRM integration
To install the Google Chrome extension, follow the steps for installing the Engage CRM Chrome extension outlined in Installing and setting up an Engage CRM integration.

SugarCRM Platform

Some customers might want to use the CRM integration for SugarCRM with a different API platform. Creating custom platforms allows you to distinguish different platforms (such as a desktop client or mobile app) by a unique platform identifier. You must be familiar with platforms and have the application developed by your admin or developer to use it with the CRM integration. To create a platform option for Engage CRM integration, follow the steps outlined in SugarCRM’s official documentation.
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