Engage Voice | Setting up Zendesk for CRM integration

For a PDF download of the Zendesk Admin Guide, click here.
To set up your Zendesk account and connect it with Engage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration, you’ll need the following:
  • Zendesk host URL: Hostname of your Zendesk instance.
  • Zendesk administrator username: The username for the dedicated Engage CRM integration service account. For example, the API user.
  • Zendesk administrator password: The password for the dedicated Engage CRM integration service account.
  • Token access to Zendesk API: The token access of your Zendesk API.
To learn more about integrating a CRM to Engage, visit Installing and setting up an Engage CRM integration.

Enabling Zendesk API Password and Token access

You will need to enable token access in Zendesk to authenticate the connection between Zendesk and the Engage CRM integration portal. Follow these steps to enable API password and token access:
1. Log into Zendesk.
2. On the left-hand side of the Zendesk portal, click on the Admin cogwheel icon and then click on API.
3. In the settings tab, toggle the switch for Password Access and Token Access.

Installing embedded CRM integration via the Upload private app function

When installing the embedded CRM integration via the Upload App page, you need to have a zip file of the Engage CRM integration embedded code. Your CSM will provide this. Remember that you need to be logged in as an admin before you proceed. Follow these steps to upload the zip file:
1. Navigate to APPS > Manage > Private Apps > Upload private app to enter the Upload App page.
2. Enter the app name.
3. Click on Choose File to browse for the location of the zip file.
4. Click on Upload.
5. Click on Upload in the Zendesk Marketplace Terms of Use warning dialog box.
6. On the installation page, configure the settings as needed.
7. Click Install.

Upload App configuration settings

Below are the configuration settings you need to fill out before you can install the app.
  • Title: How the title bar will appear to users using the embedded UI.
  • Application URL: The Engage CRM integration app URL, to be provided by your CSM.
  • Zendesk Username: Must be the same username in Engage CRM integration dashboard under Company Settings > CRM.
  • Zendesk Password: Must be the same password in Engage CRM integration dashboard under Company Settings > CRM.
  • Enable role restrictions: Drop down to pull roles from Zendesk.
  • Enable group restrictions: Dropdown of groups from Zendesk.
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