Engage Voice | Intro to billing for Engage Voice

Engage Voice meters calls per minute. The price per minute depends on the type of transport (such as inbound domestic, inbound toll-free, or outbound domestic) and the actual discount applied on the customer account. Suppose that the rate per inbound domestic minute is USD $0.01 per minute — in this case, Engage Voice will meter calls based on this rate. However, when you receive your bill, the invoice has aggregated the minutes and bills the minutes into 10-minute chunks. There is no rounding of call durations into ten minutes chunks. 
Read more about aggregated minute billing in Understanding your invoice.

Call rounding rules

Call durations are rounded for billing purposes as follows:
  • Outbound (Local and Dialer), SIP calls: Six seconds initial duration and six-second increments. 
  • Inbound local and TF calls: 30 seconds initial duration and six-second increments.
  • International calls: 30 seconds initial duration and 30-second increments.

Named and concurrent seats

You pay for the seats used during a billing cycle. There are several models used to calculate seat usage:
  • Named seats: The maximum number of unique user accounts registered and in an active state during the billing cycle. This is calculated by the number of unique agents who logged in at least once to Engage Voice.
  • Concurrent seats: The maximum number of unique user accounts simultaneously logged into Engage Voice during the billing cycle.
  • Login minutes: You are charged for the time the users were logged into Engage Voice. The time is allocated to the day that a session ended.
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