RingCentral Service Support for COVID-19

Receiving a busy signal or connection errors?

You may have noticed a busy signal, a delay in connecting, or an error when attempting to reach some conference lines. Because of the influx of customers working from home, the public communications infrastructure is being affected by some carriers experiencing capacity issues. We are working closely with our partners and those carriers and proactively adding capacity to prevent any future connection issues.
Please find below a few suggested best practices should you experience any challenges.

Having trouble connecting or completing a call?

Some users may have difficulty joining a meeting by dial in number. The traditional telephone system (PSTN) is highly utilized at this time, and you may experience a fast busy signal when dialing into meetings.
Three tips to improve the meeting experience:
  • Connect to the RingCentral mobile or desktop app and use Computer Audio instead of a phone call.
  • If local Wi-Fi/Internet is not reliable enough, use the “Call Me” feature to have RingCentral initiate the connection and improve PSTN connection reliability.
  • Make use of one of the alternate numbers provided on the meeting as issues are primarily episodic.

Are you having difficulties joining or accessing RingCentral Meetings?

Users in back-to-back meetings, or in meetings in which the “Enable join before host” setting is off, may experience delays during peak usage times. Meetings will start after this delay.
Best practice:
  • If your business conditions allow, you can mitigate this issue by clicking the “Enable join before host” check box when scheduling a new meeting or editing an existing one.
We are actively working on reducing or eliminating delay in joining meetings. Please see our Service Status site at https://support.ringcentral.com/s/status for further information and updates as they become available. In addition, sign up for service status notifications for ongoing updates.
We have also added US and Canadian numbers to combat slower connection times. Find all the teleconferencing lines here: https://meetings.ringcentral.com/teleconference.html.

Thinking of forwarding calls?

We have the RingCental app!
Your personal RingCentral service is much more than a desktop phone. It's a unified business communications solution that includes video meetings, team messaging, file sharing, business calling and texting capabilities all on our app - at no additional cost.
We use multiple layers of security and redundant data centers to ensure high availability of services and user protection. Our team actively monitors and optimizes our platform 24/7/365 to ensure superior service delivery and uptime, which is fully backed by our Service Level Agreement (SLA). Geographically dispersed redundant data centers, rigorous service operations, and multi-layered security processes protect our services from wide-spread system failure, operational errors, cybercrime, and outages from natural disasters.
Download the RingCentral app:
  • The RingCentral App is available for Mac, Windows, and mobile devices.
  • Login using your existing RingCentral Office credentials to access video meetings, business calling, team messaging and file sharing.
  • Check out our getting started guide to call, message, and meet from any connected device.
Make and receive calls on laptop or mobile apps using your business phone number:
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