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Adding a user with a webmail domain as a co-worker
in your company's RingCentral Glip Pro+ account 
| RingCentral app

There may be some instances in which you’d like to invite a user outside of your company with a webmail domain email address (e.g.,,, to your Glip Pro or Pro+ account. These users would be considered guest users, and they would be given limited access to your Glip company account.
If you’re an admin on your Glip company account and you would like to give these guest users the same access as your standard company account users, you can do so via your RingCentral online portal.

Add a user as a co-worker in your RingCentral Glip Pro+ account

1. In the RingCentral app, click your profile picture in the top right corner.
2. Select Manage Account from the dropdown menu.
3. Select Users from the top menu bar.
4. Under User List, select + Add User.
Navigate to Users via the top menu bar in Ringcentral admin portal
5. Enter the following information:

• First name

• Last name

• Email 

6. Check the Assigned licenses box to assign that user a Glip Pro+ user license.
Check the Assigned licenses box
7. To add more users, enter the Number of users, then click Add More.
8. Check the Do not send the invitation email now box if you don’t wish to send an email with an activation link to that user (optional).
9. Click Add.
If you chose to send an invitation email upon adding that user, the user will receive an activation email and they will be prompted to go through the User Express Setup.
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