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Configuring external guest control in the RingCentral
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Guests are users who don’t work at your company. The RingCentral app guest experience comes in two varieties: 
  • Guests that you and your co-workers invite to a team conversation
  • External users that invite you and your co-workers to a team on their company account
Guests are indicated with a gray bubble in your Contacts list and they’re added once they’re invited to create a RingCentral account. In a conversation, there’s a guest section on the right pane where you can see members of that conversation who are invited as guests.
View of guests in all contacts
View of guests in a conversation
External guest control allows RingCentral app admins to
  • disable the ability for non-admin members to invite guests or
  • completely lockdown their company account and turn off all guest features entirely.

Configuring external guest control

1. Navigate to Settings via the left-hand navigation bar.
2. Click the Administration tab in the left pane.
3. Click on the Allow conversations with guests dropdown and select one of the following: All users, Admins only, or No one.
4. Toggle the Allow external guests to start conversations setting on or off to control whether guests are allowed to start conversations with your coworkers.

External guest control settings

  • Allow conversations with guests: Provides admins capabilities to control how their account interacts with guests
    • All users: Allows all admins and users to invite new guests
    • Admins only: Allows only admins to invite new guests. Users lose the ability to invite guests
    • No one: Turns off all guest related features. This effectively locks down the account to become internal only

Helpful hint!

Note: Changing your external guest control settings doesn’t affect existing guests in your account. You must remove these guests via the Contacts menu.
  • Allow external guests to start conversations: Allows your users to be invited by others outside your company. If this is toggled off, external guests cannot invite your team members to join a conversation they started
External guest control settings
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