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Intro to RingCentral app integrations | RingCentral app

As a team collaboration system, the RingCentral app can be even more useful when you have not just your co-workers and work in one place, but also the tools and services you use every day. RingCentral offers out-of-the box integration with best-in-class third-party business applications that enable you to streamline your workflows.
With the app integrations, you can receive notifications in any of your conversations for subscribed updates on third-party services. For example, you might want notifications about new and updated Jira tickets to post to your team conversation.
The app integrations in the RingCentral app allows you to do the following:
  • Shorten sales cycles with popular CRM integrations, such as Zapier and Mailchimp
  • Enhance delivery of customer support with ServiceNow, Jira, and Github
  • Helps marketers engage customers and prospects with marketing automation, such as Marketo
If you’re using various services for your daily work, the app integrations will help eliminate switching among different services, so you can stay focused. You can manage all your third-party integrations via the Apps interface, which you can navigate to by selecting the puzzle piece icon in the side menu bar.
The Apps interface in the RingCentral app enables you to add notification apps for those supported services that you use every day to get more work done without leaving the app. In the Apps menu, you can centralize all updates and action items on time in just one searchable place. 
Currently, the RingCentral app supports pre-built integrations with nearly 40 third-party notification apps that support sales, productivity, communication, and more. These apps are available via a new generation app store. As we continue to improve the experience in the RingCentral app, there are plans to add more powerful apps in the future with the possibility of opening to third-party developers.
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