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Navigating the Message interface for desktop and web 
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The Message interface acts as the homepage for the RingCentral app for desktop and web. However, if you navigate anywhere else in the app, you can always return to the Message interface via the Message chat bubble icon in the left-hand navigation bar. 
The Message interface is divided into three panes: the conversation list (left pane), the message thread (center pane), and the conversation details pane (right pane). Let’s review each of these panes below.

Conversation list

The conversation list (left pane) is where you manage all your conversations. Click on any of the conversations in the list to open it.
At the top of the conversation list, you’ll find the following tabs:
  • @mentions: Click on this tab to navigate to a page with a list of messages that have included you in an @mention. This page can help you sort through messages that need your immediate attention
  • Bookmarks: Click on this tab to navigate to the Bookmarks page, which contains a list of all messages that you have bookmarked to refer back to later
Beneath these tabs, you’ll find a list of all your messages, organized into three sections:
  • Favorites: This section contains all direct messages, group conversations, and team conversations that you have favorited. To learn more about favoriting conversations and how it can be useful, visit Organizing your conversations in the RingCentral app desktop and web 
  • Direct messages: This section contains all open direct messages and group conversations with other RingCentral app users. Hover your mouse over the Direct messages section name and click the Send new message plus button to start a new chat
  • Teams: This section contains all teams you’ve joined. Hover your mouse over the Teams section name and click the Create new team plus button to create a new team

Message thread

When you select a conversation from the conversation list, that will appear in the center pane, also known as the message thread. The message thread contains the entire history of that conversation, with the most recent message at the bottom of the thread. 
Below the message thread is the message field, where you can type your message, insert files, create tasks and notes, and share events. 
At the top of the center pane is the conversation header bar, which might contain some of the following important action items:
  • Video: You can start a video call, start screen share, or schedule a meeting with a person, group, or team via this option, located at top right in the conversation header bar
    • Start video call: If you have access to the Video platform, you can start a meeting with a person, group, or team via this option. Please note that you can only start a meeting in a group or team with no more than 200 members
    • Start screen share: If you’ve configured RingCentral Video as your video service, you can select this option to start sharing your screen from a conversation without the need to start a meeting first
    • Schedule video meeting: Only available if you’ve selected RingCentral Video as your video service, you can schedule a meeting in any of your conversations with a person, group, or team via this option
  • Call: If you have telephone enabled for your account, you can select the Call phone button option at far right in the conversation header bar to start a phone call with another person
  • Start conference call: If you have telephony enabled at your account and you’re in a group or team, you can select the multi-circle icon at far right to start a conference call

Conversation details

At far right of the app is your conversation details pane. This pane contains two sections. The first section, labeled Members, contains a list of all users included in the conversation. Conversation members are represented by their profile picture, and if there are many members that don’t fit in this section, you can click the Members (x) text to view those members in the group or team profile. 
The second section in the conversation details pane contains conversation items, such as pinned messages, attached files, shared events, and more. These items are organized by tabs that you can select to view the items associated with that category. 
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