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Upgrading from RingCentral Glip Pro to RingCentral
Glip Pro+ account | RingCentral app

You can upgrade your RingCentral Glip Pro account to Glip Pro+ at any time. If you’d like to learn more about the differences between the RingCentral Glip Pro and Pro+ accounts, please visit Intro to RingCentral Glip
Note: If you need business phone numbers and phone features, you may want to upgrade to RingCentral Office.
Once you upgrade your account to Glip Pro+, you must also assign the Glip Pro+ licenses you’ve purchased to the desired users.
To acquire a Glip Pro+ account, you must first create a free Glip Pro account on app.ringcentral.com and click the Upgrade now button to begin. If you’d like to sign up for a Glip Pro+ account without first creating a free Glip Pro account, please reach out to RingCentral Sales department by dialing 833-934-3350.
A Glip Pro account can be upgraded to a Glip Pro+ account from either the desktop or web app. Upgrade is not available on the mobile app.

Upgrade your RingCentral Glip Pro account to Glip Pro+

1. In the RingCentral app, click on your profile picture at top right, then click Upgrade now.
Upgrade button from RingCentral Glip Pro account to Glip Pro plus
2. Click RingCentral Glip.
Upgrade button to RingCentral Glip Pro plus
3. Click Select under Glip Pro+.
4. Click the toggle to change your billing plan to Monthly or Annual.
5. Choose how many users you want to upgrade to Glip Pro+. The maximum number of users you can upgrade to Glip Pro+ is the number of users you currently have in your account.
6. Click Next.
7. Enter your payment info.
8. Check the box to accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Notice.
9. Click Complete Purchase.

Assign Glip Pro+ licenses to users

Once you’ve upgraded your Glip Pro plan to Glip Pro+, you will also want to assign those licenses to the users in your company account. To assign these Glip Pro+ licenses, follow these steps:
1. In the RingCentral app, click on your profile picture at top right.
2. Select Manage account from the dropdown menu to open the RingCentral Admin Portal.
Click manage account on RingCentral app
3. Select Users from the top menu bar.
4. Check the box next to each user to which you’d like to assign the Glip Pro+ license 
Check the box in the table header to select all users.
5. Click Assign licenses above the table.
Select users to assign license
6. Select the Glip Pro+ license from the dropdown menu.
7. Click Assign to finish assigning the license to the desired users.
Assign licenses
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