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In order to begin receiving and making calls, your company must first have phone features enabled on the account. Once this is enabled, you can activate your phone features by updating your emergency address. To learn more, visit Activating phone features in the RingCentral app
You can set up your call settings via the Phone tab from the Settings menu, which allows you to choose your phone type and Caller ID, update your emergency address, and more. Visit Configuring phone settings in the RingCentral app desktop and web or Configuring phone settings in the RingCentral mobile app to learn how to configure your phone settings. 
Once you’ve activated your phone features and configured the necessary call settings, you can start making and receiving calls within the app. All calls (incoming and outgoing) are handled via the dial pad, which pops out anytime you’re on an active call. Here, you’ll have access to call control options like muting the caller, transferring the call, and more. 
To view a full history of your calls, you can navigate to the Phone menu option by clicking the phone icon in the left-hand navigation bar. Here, you can manage your missed calls, listen to any call recordings and voicemails, and view a full log of your recent calls.
Additionally, you can use the RingCentral app to make and receive individual and group text messages and manage these messages under the Text section in the Phone interface.
Finally, the fax feature in the Phone interface allows you to send, receive, and manage all your faxes, including downloading a fax onto your device and forwarding that fax to another contact.
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