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Managing your company users in the RingCentral
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You can view your company’s RingCentral app contacts via the Contacts menu in the left-hand navigation bar. 
RingCentral app Contacts
Here, you can
  • Search for users
  • View the status of a user
  • Contacting a user via call, text, message, and meeting
  • Re-invite inactive users

Guest user visibility in your contacts

Free guest users will have limitations on the contacts they can view from the account they’ve been added as a guest. Free guest users can only view the following contacts:
  • Users who were added as guests in the same account in which they’re a guest
  • Users who have added you as a guest in their company
  • Users from other companies who you are in a team conversation with

Searching for contacts

1. Navigate to the Contacts menu via the left-hand navigation bar.
2. Type the name or phone number of the person you’re looking for in the search bar at upper right. 
Searching contacts

Viewing the status of a user

To see at a glance if a user is a co-worker, guest user, or an inactive user, you can do so via the gray user status badges next to each name in the list. 
If a contact has been added as a guest user, their status badge will read Guest
Contact with Guest badge
If a user has either deactivated their account or has been invited but hasn't yet activated their account, their status badge will read Not activated.
Contact with Not Activated badge
Co-workers, in comparison, will not have a user status badge next to their name.
Contact status

Performing actions on a user

In addition to displaying all your company contacts, the Contacts menu will also allow you to quickly perform actions such as contacting the user (through call, text message, message, etc.)
Note: Depending on your permissions or the permissions of the contact you’re attempting to interact with, some of the above actions may not be available to you. 
To perform certain actions on a user, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to Contacts via the left-hand navigation bar.
2. Select All contacts, Company, Guests, or Personal from the left pane.
3. Locate a contact using the search bar at the upper right or by scrolling through the list of contacts.
4. Hover your mouse over a specific contact to reveal a set of icons at far right.
Actions on a contact
5. Select one of the following icons to perform the associated action:

a. Text chat bubble icon: Send a text message

b. Phone icon: Start a call with that user

c. Message chat bubble icon: Send a direct message

d. Video camera icon: Start a meeting with that user

e. Open profile person icon: View that user’s profile

f. Invite by email envelope icon: Send an invite via email to the user

g. Invite by text letter A icon: Only available if your company has text messaging enabled at the account level. Select this option to invite the user by sending a text message

h. Get invite link chain icon: Get an invite link and send it to a user

i. Delete trash can icon: Delete the user on your contacts list. If you’re a user on the account, you have the option to delete users on your Personal contacts list. If you’re an admin, you can also delete users on your Guests contacts list

Note: You may have to click the More three-dot icon at far right of the contact to see the other icons available for that user.

Re-inviting an inactive user

1. Navigate to Contacts via the left nav bar.
2. Hover your mouse over a user with a Not activated user status badge.
3. Click the Re-invite button at far right.
This invitation will prompt them to sign up in the RingCentral app.
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