Resetting your password in the RingCentral mobile app 
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The RingCentral mobile app allows you to conveniently reset your account password instead of going to your online account at

Resetting your password

To reset your password in the RingCentral mobile app, follow these steps:
1. Tap the menu icon (for Android) or your profile picture (for iOS) at top left.
2. Tap Reset password.
3. In the Reset password pop-up dialog, a message says that you’ll be immediately logged out if you choose to reset your password. Tap Continue to reset your password.
4. In the Reset password page, tap Send email to receive a confirmation email to the email address associated with your login ID.
5. Check your email and follow the instructions in the email to reset your password.
Please note that the reset password feature is available for all users except the following:
  • Glip free users
  • SSO-enforced users
  • SSO-enabled + “Allow to manage RC password” disabled users
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