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Creating and managing Breakout Rooms in RingCentral
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The RingCentral Video Breakout Rooms feature allows hosts to separate participants into smaller groups. It is a great way to split participants into separate meetings from the main meeting while keeping everyone in the same space.

Creating Breakout Rooms

1. While in a meeting, click Breakout at the bottom menu. This will open the Breakout rooms window.
2. Click the plus (+) icon at the upper left corner of the window. This will create a breakout room under the BREAKOUT ROOMS column with the default room name.
Note: You can create a maximum of 50 breakout rooms.

Renaming Breakout Rooms

1. Hover over the breakout room you want to rename.
2. Click on the Rename button.
3. Rename the breakout room to what you wish.
4. Press enter (Windows) or return (Mac) on your keyboard.

Deleting Breakout Rooms

1. Hover over the breakout room you want to delete.
2. Click on the trash can icon.
3. Select Delete.
Note: You can only delete breakout rooms before you open the breakout rooms.
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