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Protecting your RingCentral Video meetings on
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The purpose of this article is to provide information about the security options available in RingCentral Video on the RingCentral app desktop and web.
For the purpose of this article, we will only discuss the settings you can find in your RingCentral Video meeting desktop app so you can protect your meetings via the RingCentral Video meeting security options. If you would like to know more about how to schedule a meeting, visit Scheduling a RingCentral Video meeting in the RingCentral app desktop and web.
When you schedule your meeting, you will have the option to configure specific video meeting security options to protect your meeting from those who try to join without an invite.

Accessing RingCentral Video meeting security options

To access the security options on your RingCentral app, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to Settings via the left-hand navigation bar
2. Select the Video tab from the left pane
3. Click Edit at far right of Personal Meeting ID
4. Under Meeting settings and Security, configure your preferred security options 

RingCentral Video meeting security options

When configuring security options for your RingCentral Video meetings, simply check the box for each option to turn on setting.
See the list below for video meeting security options you can find for the desktop app and web browser:
  • Use Personal Meeting ID for instant meetings: Once enabled, you can modify your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) for others to use to join the meeting instead of the default Meeting ID when starting an instant meeting 
  • Require password: Once enabled, you can edit your default password in the Set password field.  See the list below for password policy:
    • The password must be at least 1 to 10 characters long
    • It must contain characters from the following categories: uppercase characters (A-Z), lowercase characters (a-z), digits (1-9)
    • Please note that participants who join the meeting by clicking the invitation link can automatically join without the meeting password. However, participants who join the meeting via the meeting ID will be asked to enter a password.
  • Participants can only join after host: Once enabled, participants need to wait for the meeting host before they can join the meeting. To know more, visit Allowing others to join before host in a RingCentral app desktop and web
  • Enable waiting room: Once enabled, participants can’t join a meeting until the host admits them individually or admits all of them from the waiting room. The host can set the waiting room to one of the following: Everyone, Anyone outside my company, or Anyone not signed in. 
  • Advanced settings: Click the arrow to expand the following advanced settings:
    • Only authenticated users can join: Allow only authenticated users to join your meeting. Options include Off, Signed in co-workers, and Signed in users
    • Turn off camera for participants: Turn off the camera for participants when they enter the meeting. Keep in mind that they can still turn their camera on at any point during the meeting
    • Mute audio for participants: Mute participants when they enter the meeting. Keep in mind that participants can still unmute their audio at any point during the meeting
    • Only host & moderators can share screen: Allow only you (the host) and moderators to share screen in a meeting
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