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This article provides instructions on how to use RingCentral Video Closed Captions on RingCentral  desktop app or web browser.
RingCentral Video Closed Captions is designed to help participants with hearing-impairment, those that have different levels of language proficiency, or are joining from a noisy area.
Closed Captions are visually displayed on the bottom of the meeting screen to provide a better, more inclusive meeting experience by presenting real-time meeting discussions. Closed Captions also allows you to differentiate between speakers. 
Automated closed captioning using RingCentral proprietary speech recognition technology is currently only optimized for American English. Currently, RingCentral doesn’t provide support for other languages or accents. If you’d like to request additional languages and accents, please visit
To get the best quality from Closed Captions, we recommend you
  • Use a headset microphone
  • Pronounce your words as clearly as possible 
  • Speak slowly and evenly

Enabling Closed Captions

To enable Closed Captions during a live RingCentral Video meeting on RingCentral desktop app or web, follow these steps:
1. Launch a RingCentral Video meeting.
2. Click the More three-dot icon.
3. Select Enable closed captions from the popup menu.
Once you have enabled Closed Captions, a black box will appear at the bottom of your meeting. The meeting conversation will begin to appear in the box, each speaker distinguished by their name next to the associated text. The text will disappear from the screen shortly after another person speaks. 
If you’d like to disable Closed Captions, simply follow the same steps as enabling Closed Captions and select Disable closed captions.
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