If you feel that your conversation list has become too cluttered or you’d like to organize it so you only see the conversations you’re most active in, you may choose to close any conversations you don’t want to see in your conversation list. 
Closing a conversation means that it will disappear from your conversation list, at least until the next person sends a message in this conversation. This will help you organize your conversation list without losing that conversation entirely. 
If you’re part of a team and would like to stop receiving notifications from a team and remove it entirely from your conversation list, then you may choose to leave that team instead. Visit Leaving a team in the RingCentral app to learn more. 
Please note: You will need to unfavorite the conversation before you can close it. 

Closing a conversation for desktop or web

To close a conversation, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to Message via the left-hand navigation bar
2. In the conversation list, hover your mouse over the conversation you’d like to close and select the More kabob icon that appears at far right
3. Select Close from the dropdown menu

Closing a conversation for mobile

To close a conversation, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to the Message section of the app
2. Select a conversation from the conversation list
3. Tap the conversation’s name at the top
4. Select the gear icon in the top right corner
5. Select Close conversation
6. Tap Close in the modal window