This article discusses how to view the meeting participants in a RingCentral Video session. During an ongoing RingCentral Video meeting, participants may check who else is in the meeting. 
The main screen in RingCentral Video displays 16 participants at a time. You can use the Gallery or Filmstrip view by clicking the navigation buttons at the top right to see the other participants.

Viewing participants via gallery view

The gallery view displays all the participants on the screen, then highlights the participant speaking. This is the default view upon joining a meeting.
If you want to see the list of all the meeting participants while in a meeting, click the Gallery view four-window icon at top right of your screen. 

Viewing participants via in-meeting controls

If you want to see the list of all the participants, click Participants from the in-meeting controls via the bottom menu bar. In the participants window, you will see the names and the total number of participants in the meeting.
In addition, you can search for a specific person by typing their name in the Search field. Note: Only 999 participants can be listed in the participants’ list.