The admin interface is used to configure settings that manage all digital interaction from a variety of channels associated with social media accounts. Administrators can create accounts and configure role-based permissions for agents and supervisors who manage customer messages. This allows your agents to respond efficiently to messages, comments, and issues posted or sent via Twitter, Facebook, and more. 

The configurations for Agent and Analytics include the roles and permissions assigned to users, settings for your social media channels, routing of interactions, the categorization of messages handled on the platform, and the appearance and functionality of the Inbox and Routing mode that make up the agent interface.
To access the admin interface, navigate to Admin via the top header bar. The default view you’ll see under Admin is the Users page. Once you hover over the icons in the left-hand navigation bar, a sliding tray will reveal the names of the menu options available to you. 
Let’s take a look at the different components of the admin interface.