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Scheduled Reports gives you the option of immediately downloading a report or scheduling a report to be delivered to a destination of your choice. Here we will discuss how to download a report. If you have not already read Intro to Scheduled Reports, you might want to do that before reading more of this article.
Before you can actually download a report, you will need to configure settings in the Report Filters tab. These settings primarily determine what information will be included in your report and vary a great deal depending on the type of report you want to download. To learn more about how to configure your filter settings, read Filtering reports.

How to download a report

When you are ready to download a report, follow these steps:
1. Click on the Analytics app icon upon log in
2. Navigate to Scheduled Reports via the left-hand navigation bar
3. Select the category of report that you want to configure to reveal your report options
4. Select a specific report within the category to reveal the Report Filters tab and its settings
5. Click on the Run Once or schedule? field and select Once
6. Configure additional filtering options as desired
7. Click the blue Download Report button to instantly download your report
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