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Last updated on August 8, 2022
The folder structures that you create in the Inbox can have a parent folder and one or more subfolders, as needed. When creating a folder, you can specify a query that determines which messages are organized into that folder, as well as the roles that will have access to that folder.
  1. Navigate to Routing > Inboxes via the left navigation bar.  
  2. Click Add at the top right to add a new folder.
  3. Enter the name of the folder in the Label field. (required)
  4. Click Query and enter a query.
  5. To create a subfolder, click the Parent dropdown and select a parent folder.
  6. Select the roles that can access the folder in the Restricted to role dropdown. 
  7. Select the teams that can access the folder in the Restricted to team dropdown. 
  8. Check the Show the number of threads box. (optional)
  9. Check the Unselectable box. (optional)
  10. Click Save
Once you’ve created a folder, you can edit, delete, or duplicate the folder as needed. You can also add subfolders within folders.

Helpful hint!

You can see who last edited a folder in the Last modified column.

Folder configuration options

  • Label: The folder’s name as it appears in the Inbox.
  • Query: Specifies one or more search queries that populate the folder. For some queries, you’ll be prompted to enter values such as true or false, or to filter on information such as an agent’s name. For more information on building queries, read Using search queries.
  • Parent: When creating a subfolder, select the parent folder in this field.
  • Restrict to role: Restricts access to the folder based on specified roles.
  • Restrict to team: Restricts access to the folder based on specified teams.
  • Show the number of threads: Displays the number of message threads in the folder.
  • Unselectable: Disables agents from selecting this folder.
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