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Last updated on January 23, 2022
An agent can delay a response to a message for a specified time period. Once the agent defers the message, it will move to the Deferred folder. Deferred messages will move back to the Ongoing folder at the specified time period the agent selects. 
This is helpful when you need to get back to a customer at a certain time. Deferring an interaction can be helpful to organize your messages by decluttering the Ongoing folder. Depending on how it’s configured for you, all inactive interactions in the Ongoing folder will trigger a pop-up telling you that this interaction has been inactive for the specified time period your admin sets. You have the option then to transfer that interaction, defer, or complete it, so it doesn’t stay inside your Ongoing folder.
  1. Navigate to Routing mode via the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Hover over the message and click the Defer clock icon.
  3. Select a time or date from the dropdown menu.
If you need to reply to a deferred interaction before the specified time period you selected, you can manually transfer that interaction back to the Ongoing folder. To resume a deferred interaction, simply navigate to the Deferred folder, hover over the message, and click the Resume rightward arrow inside a square icon. Note that you can resume a deferred interaction only from the Deferred folder, and in the History folder, you can only resume a completed interaction. When you resume an interaction, an ‘Interaction resumed by an agent’ entry gets added to the audit log, and the ‘Interaction resumed from’ field has a value of ‘completed’ or ‘deferred’ depending from which tab the agent resumed the interaction.
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