Engage Digital | Specifying the use of business hours

Last updated on October 26, 2021
For the widgets in the Quality section, you can specify whether to apply your business hours to the calculation of the metrics reported in the widget. When applying business hours, your response and conversation times are calculated using the opening and closing hours that you define in Admin > Settings > Business hours
Typically, you want to apply your business hours, because you don’t want to take into account the time elapsed outside business hours. To specify the use of business hours, go to the Quality section, click on the Edit widget pencil, and select Business Hours as On or Off
For example, your business hours are from 9am to 6pm. If a customer messages your business at 7am and an agent replies to him/her at 9.30am, the first response time for the conversation will be 2h30min if business hours are Off. When business hours are On, the first response time is reduced to only 30min. If for example, your goal is a two-hour response time, this would be the difference between meeting and failing your goal.
Use of business hours
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