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Last updated on November 24, 2021
In absolute value, this report shows the agents’ total activity and presence times over the selected period. If agents are working in Routing mode, you can also refer to the Activity time per agent, Activity time per channel, and Activity time per channel per hour (Routing mode only) reports for a more detailed view of their activity. The report contains information about Presence time and Activity time.
Presence time is an estimation of the working hours of the agents, inferred from the agents’ activity peaks. Presence time is mainly used for the calculation of FTE and is not taken into account for calculation of simultaneous agents. The agent being connected or not in the product does not have any impact on the presence time

By default, the agent is considered absent after 45 minutes of inactivity. You can adjust this delay in Admin > Settings > Account Settings. The lower the absence detection threshold is, the more presence time is accurate
We recommend keeping a value for the absence detection threshold close to the usual agents’ breaks/meetings time. So the difference between presence time and activity time will be less important
Activity time is time during which the agent is actually active when logged in to the system. It is accurate down to the second. By default, the agent is considered absent after 5 minutes of inactivity.
Activity time is calculated from the time when the interface is displayed on screen, activity time on messages and conversations (categorizations, openings, etc.), mouse moves, or typing on keyboard. An agent is considered inactive as soon as they switch to another application and the interface no longer appears on their screen

Interpreting results: Measure the actual work time for agents

If there is a significant difference between activity and presence times and agents are supposed to reply to customers only during their presence hours, then the team may be overstaffed and agents may be working in other tools (such as a CRM) while keeping the interface open in another window or tab.
For example, your report may show that agents are more present than active. When you see that agents are more present than active, this can be symptomatic of an overstaffed team — particularly if agents are working in the Routing mode.
Interpreting results: Measure the actual work time for agents
For example, suppose that the presence time within the current period for all agents represented a total of 17h 55min. Over the current period, the total activity time of all agents represents a total of 6h 46min. Compared to the previous period, the activity and presence times have increased significantly: the total presence time for all agents increased by 346.72%, and the total activity time increased by 326.34%.
The workforce has had the platform open for a longer period of time (which can be explained by new hires or new work schedules), but has spent less time working actively in the platform (that is, handling and categorizing them).
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