Engage Digital | Concurrent interactions by channel group report

Last updated on November 24, 2021
The Concurrent interactions by channel group report allows you to track the number of digital interactions that your agents process simultaneously on their production time. Concurrent interactions are calculated by summing the time spent on the interactions during the production time divided by the production time. The production time is the sum of the total active statuses (Available, Busy, Max Capacity) and the time spent in Unoccupied status.
For more information about these statuses, see Agent time per agent (Routing mode only).
The overall figure is the weighted average of the concurrent interactions per production time. If you have multiple channels, the production time may be different from one channel to another; for example, if you go away on the real-time channel for a number of hours. In this case, the production time corresponds to the time spent in the statutes mentioned above on at least one of the channel group.
Suppose that your agents spend a total of 4 hours on interactions during 3 hours of production time. You can calculate that the Sum of time spent per interaction during production time / production time = 4/3 or 1.33. On average, your agents have 1.33 interactions in progress, in all channels combined.
Concurrent tasks per channel report diagram
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