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Last updated on November 24, 2021
The Conversations by category report shows you, in absolute value, the number of conversations (open or closed at the time of the consultation) created by a category over the selected period. The detail shows the number of conversations over the previous period, the number of conversations over the current period and the growth between these two periods.
Unlike the Messages by category report, this report is based on the conversations and allows you to see how many conversations have been treated according to the category of message.

If you have created disposition categories, you can select the corresponding parent category (rightmost field) to view the refined contact reasons. Disposition categories differ from the other categories in that the agent assigns them at the end of the conversation, when they have a better idea of the reason for contact.

Ensuring that agents respond to requests with the main contact reasons

For example, suppose that during a selected period you see that your agents opened 14 conversations (by clicking Engage). These conversations may still be open or closed. Say that you can see that the main contact reason is categorized as Cancellation.
Interventions by category report
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