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Last updated on November 24, 2021
The Messages by author report gives the absolute number of new responders, the number of unique responders per day, and the number of new messages. These metrics are defined as follows:
  • New contact: Someone who prompts the creation of a new conversation for the first time
  • Unique contact per day: One-time contributors per day is calculated as follows: if a person contacts the brand several times during a day, there is one single participant on the day. If the selected period is one week and the person contacts the brand five days in a row, we count 5
  • New message: Corresponds to incoming messages
Note: If you have merged the identities of a person, we will count 1 by identity: 1 identity = 1 single responder

Viewing the rate of repeat contributors

Using this report, you can analyze whether your channels have new or repeating contributors. For example, if you have a high rate of new contributors, this means your channel does recruitment. In other words, these are new people contacting your brand. On the contrary, if the rate of new contributors is low, these are the same people who will contact you regularly.
On social networks you typically seek to recruit a high volume of new contributors. For a community forum, on the other hand, mutual assistance is important and it is not a problem if this channel has regular contributors.

For example, when a channel shows a rising volume of new contributors, this shows that it is recruiting.
Viewing the rate of repeat contributors
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