Engage Digital | Configuring Agent Assist

Configuring the Agent Assist datasets

You can configure datasets for FAQs and Smart replies.

Configuring a FAQ dataset

To create a FAQ dataset, you need to prepare a CSV file with only two columns (question and answer).
  1. Go to Admin > Agent Tools > Agent Assist Datasets in Engage Digital.
  2. Click New Dataset > FAQ.
  3. Enter the name of the dataset.
  4. Import the file.
  5. Click Save.

Configuring a Smart Reply dataset

Smart replies are created based on the conversations available in Engage Digital. The set of the conversations is prepared based on the conditions chosen in the dataset configuration.
  1. Go to Admin > Agent Tools > Agent Assist Datasets in Engage Digital.
  2. Click New Dataset > Smart reply.
  3. Enter the name of the dataset.
  4. Choose Channels and Categories if you want to limit the conversations collected for the model.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Open the dataset again.
  7. Click Import datasets. Importing files to Google Cloud storage may take several hours.
  8. Once the dataset is imported, click Build model
  9. Once the model is created, click Deploy model.
  10. When the model is created, complete the Allowlist ID field.

Locating the Allowlist ID in the Google Agent Assist console

You can find the Allowlist ID needed to populate the field in Engage Digital in the Google Agent Assist Console. The console is located at https://agentassist.cloud.google.com/projects/<project id>/models/<model id>/details.
  1. Go to the Google Agent Assist console > Models
  2. Find the Allowlist ID field on the Details tab.
  3. Copy it and paste the field into the dataset configuration in Engage Digital.

Advanced configuration of the model

By default, all messages imported to the model appear in the Unreviewed messages tab. All messages available in Unreviewed messages and Allowed messages are available for future suggestions. Meaning that if you need to exclude some messages from the suggestions, you should block them. This configuration is available directly from the Google Agent Assist console.

Configuring an Agent Assist conversation profile

  1. Go to Admin > Agent Tools > Agent Assist.
  2. Click New Agent Assist.
  3. In the opened window, complete the profile options.
  4. Choose the datasets created previously (note: you can choose Smart reply, FAQ, or both).
  5. Click Save.
Once the item is saved, you can find it in the Google Agent Assist console at:

https://agentassist.cloud.google.com/projects/<id of GCP>/conversation-profiles

Agent Assist conversation profile options

  • Name: The name of the created item.
  • Language: The language of the created item (only English, Spanish or French are available for now).
  • Channels: The list of the channels where you want to see suggestions (messaging channels only).
  • Categories: The list of categories that the conversation has to get suggestions (only exact mapping).

Configuring the permissions needed in Engage Digital

Two permissions control access to the Agent Assist feature:
  • Manage Agent Assist: Grants permission to perform the Agent Assist configuration in Admin.
  • Use Agent Assist: Grants permission to see Agent Assist suggestions in Agent.
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