Engage Voice | Assigning an audio file in Engage Voice

Last updated on September 01, 2021
Audio libraries can be accessed via different parts of the platform: in Routing, Dialing, and under the Settings product menu option. We’ll discuss how to upload and configure audio files in just a moment, but since the system does provide you with a number of basic audio files when you first open an account, we’ll talk about basic audio selection first.
Follow the steps below to locate and choose from existing audio files that live in your global or account audio library.
1. Navigate to Dialing > Campaigns or Routing > Queues
2. Select a campaign or queue
3. Scroll down to the Audio Settings section in your campaign or queue General page
4. Click the Configure Audio table icon to the right of the audio filename box to choose an audio file (this field will read ‘No audio selected’ when empty):
Configure Audio setting icon
5. A modal window will appear with a table at the bottom and two tabs above it; these are your audio libraries. You can choose an audio file from the Account Audio tab list or click the tab next to it labeled Global Audio to choose an audio file from the global audio library
6. Scroll down to see more options, or use the search bar to find an audio file. To search, type the name or a few letters of the name of the file you wish to locate in the search bar and press Enter on your keyboard. The system will show you all audio file options for your entry 
7. When you’re finished listening to, editing, or downloading your audio file(s), check the checkbox to the left of an audio file to select it
8. Click OK to save your changes and apply that audio file to the selected setting
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