Engage Voice | Assigning a custom criteria-based
dial plan to a campaign

Last updated on June 30, 2021

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Once your criteria-based dial groups and dial plans are configured, it’s time to assign them to your campaigns. To do so, take the following steps:
1. Navigate to Dialing > Campaigns.
2. Select the campaign of your choice.
3. Select Dial Plans from your campaign’s configuration panel.
4. Use the field provided in the Custom Campaign Criteria section to select which plans you wish to dial on. We’ll discuss some selection methods below.
5. Save your changes via the Save button at bottom right.
Remember — you will not be able to use both the Custom Campaign Criteria setting and the Campaign Dial Plans setting at the same time. You will only be able to use one or the other — not both.

Removing or adding dial plans

Now, when it comes to selecting plans, you can do so by either clicking the Add All Criteria Groups text at far right of the Assign Custom Campaign Criteria Groups field and then clicking the x to the right of any plan name that you wish to remove, or you can click into the provided field and use the dropdown menu to individually select the plans you do wish to dial.
If at any time you change your mind, you can click the Remove All Criteria Groups text to clear the field and begin again.
When assigning your dial plans, be sure the time frames for your dial plans fall within the campaign’s start and end dates.
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