Engage Voice | Assigning dial zone key(s) to leads

Last updated on June 30, 2021

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Once you’ve assigned the dial zone group to a campaign, you can now assign those dial zones to the leads you wish to dial according to the schedules set forth on those dial zones.

Assigning dial zone key(s) to leads

1. Open your lead list document in your preferred spreadsheet-editing application.
2. Add an extra column to your lead list — this column will contain your dial zone key(s). 
3. Add in your zone key(s) to any lead you wish to dial according to the dial zone schedule.
4. Return to the platform and upload your lead list to the campaign you assigned the dial zone group to.
5. In the Settings tab of the Upload List window, select the Lead Timezone Column from the Timezone dropdown menu.
6. In the Preview tab, map the Lead Timezone destination to the column that contains the dial zone key
7. Continue mapping the rest of your lead list.
8. When you’re done, click Save to save your changes and close out of the window.
Please note that if you do not map the column as directed, your dial zone configurations will not work.
Once you’ve assigned your dial zones to the desired leads, your agents can begin dialing leads from that lead list, and the leads designated for the dial zone schedule will be dialed in accordance to the schedule you’ve created.
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