Engage Voice | Creating a knowledge base category

Last updated on June 30, 2021

Table of contents

Creating a knowledge base category

1. Click the Add Category menu option in the Actions dropdown menu located to the far right of the group of your choice.
2. Enter a Category Title and a Category Description in the window that appears.
3. Check the Active checkbox if you wish to make the category available to agents immediately.
4. Choose a number to indicate the Order in which you wish your category to appear to agents. 
5. Click Save to save your changes and exit the window.

Editing a knowledge base category

1. Click the arrow to the left of the group name of your choice.
2. Click the Category Actions button to the right of the category of your choice.
3. Click Add Article to add an article to your category.
4. Click Edit Category to edit the category name, title, description, active status, and/or order of appearance.
5. Click Remove Category to delete the category altogether.
6. Click Save to save your changes and exit the window.

Helpful hint!

When you create a new knowledge base category, the system will automatically choose a default order number for it. It’s usually a good idea to skip ten or more numbers at a time when ordering your categories (so if the first category is assigned a number 1 by default, then make sure to assign your next entry a number like 10 or 20, depending on how many categories you think you might be adding in between those two entries later). That way, if you need to rearrange or add in a new category later, you won’t have to individually reorder numbers for previous and/or subsequent categories.
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