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Engage Voice | Finding and managing Caller IDs

Last updated on June 30, 2021

Table of contents

Caller ID settings can be found in different locations throughout the platform, and each setting is used in a different context. 

Caller IDs for leads

You can set Caller IDs at the individual lead level, which means that a different Caller ID can be used for any selected leads on your lead list. This can be accomplished in one of two ways. 
One way is to upload a lead list with an extra column that assigns different Caller IDs to any leads you choose on that list. The other way to set Caller IDs at the lead level is to obtain a Caller ID bucket that will assign a local Caller ID number to every lead on your list, ensuring those leads will only see a local Caller ID number, no matter where your agents are actually dialing from. 
Remember: When you assign Caller IDs at the lead list level, these Caller IDs will take precedence over the default Caller ID at the campaign level (we’ll discuss this next). You can read more about the different Caller ID options for leads in Caller ID options for leads.

Caller IDs for campaigns

If you wish to set a default Caller ID for leads to see on any given campaign, you can do so via the Caller ID setting located in the Dialer Settings section in the campaign’s General page. Whatever you enter here will be used as the default Caller ID for all leads on that campaign — unless you make changes to Caller IDs at the lead level (as discussed above) or you allow for Caller IDs to be replaced during call transfers (we’ll go over that in a moment).
If you’ve created a Caller ID bucket, you can assign it to any campaign and those local Caller IDs will also override any default campaign or account-based Caller ID settings you may have configured.

Caller IDs for accounts

We strongly recommend setting an overall default Caller ID at the account level. This way, the system will always have a Caller ID number to default back to. To set a Caller ID on your account, use the Default Caller ID setting located under the Account Defaults configuration section at the account level. 

Another Caller ID number you can configure at the account level is the Offhook Caller ID number. This refers to the system phone number that the agent sees when they initiate an offhook session and the system calls them to begin the session. Please note that agents will only see this number when they are using an external phone or external softphone (as opposed to the system’s integrated softphone).

Caller IDs for manual outbound calls

About manual outbound Caller ID

Caller IDs can also be set for individual agents when they perform a manual outbound call. You can configure a default Caller ID that is tied to each individual agent, or you can create one or more custom Caller IDs that any agent can choose from before making a manual outbound call. 
Remember: If an agent performs a manual outbound call and neither a default nor custom manual outbound Caller ID number is configured, then the system will default to the Caller ID configured at the account level. 

Now, for manual outbound dialing purposes, agents will be able to choose between the default Caller ID and a custom Caller ID via the Caller ID dropdown menu. If an agent does not select a Caller ID from the dropdown list before manually dialing, the system will simply use the default Caller ID to display to the lead or customer.
Select a manual outbound Caller ID via the agent interface

Configuring the default manual outbound Caller ID

  1. Navigate to Users > Agents.
  2. Select an agent from the groups page.
  3. Scroll down to the Phone Settings section in the agent’s General page.
  4. Enter a Caller ID number in the Manual Outbound Default Caller ID setting.
  5. Save your changes via the Save button at bottom right.

Configuring a custom manual outbound Caller ID

  1. Navigate to Dialing > Advanced Settings > Outbound Caller ID.
  2. Click the Add Caller ID button to the right of the search bar.
  3. Enter a Caller ID Number in the field provided in the window.
  4. Choose a Description for the Caller ID number.
  5. Click Save to save your changes and exit the window.
  6. Repeat steps 3-6 as needed to create multiple custom Caller IDs.
Once you’ve created your custom Caller IDs, they will appear in a table below the search bar. The table will display a unique ID number for each Caller ID, along with the number itself and the description you provided earlier. 

To edit the Caller ID number or its description, click the Edit pencil and paper icon located at far right beside the entry you wish to edit. To delete a Caller ID entry, click the Delete x icon located to the right of the Edit icon.
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