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Last updated on June 30, 2021

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Caller ID is a way for you to let your leads and customers know who you are when you contact them. When the system (or an agent) dials a lead or customer, that lead or customer will be able to see the number associated with the call via the Caller ID you share — that is, your caller identification number. 
In most cases, the system will allow you to choose which Caller IDs you want your leads and customers to see. Caller ID settings can be found throughout the platform, and they can be configured at different levels, which we’ll discuss in more detail below. Caller IDs can be configured at the following levels:
  • Caller IDs for leads
  • Caller IDs for campaigns
  • Caller IDs for accounts
  • Caller IDs for manual outbound calls
  • Replacing Caller IDs upon call transfer
Because Caller IDs can be managed at so many levels, it’s important to know what the ‘hierarchy’ is — that is, which Caller ID will take precedence over the others and when.

Caller ID for outbound calls

For outbound dialing, the Caller ID that is mapped to a lead will always take precedence over the default Caller ID indicated on the campaign. If you haven’t mapped any Caller IDs to your leads, then the campaign’s default Caller ID will take precedence — that is, unless an agent makes a manual outbound call.
For manual outbound dialing, the system will default to the account-level Caller ID as long as the following Caller ID settings are empty:
  • Manual outbound default Caller ID 
  • Custom manual outbound Caller ID
During call transfers, if a Caller ID was created via the Transfer Override Caller ID setting or via scripting call controls, then that Transfer Override Caller ID number will take precedence over and replace the original Caller ID on that transfer.

Helpful hint!

Please note that there exist strict industry regulations for businesses using Caller IDs that differ from the number they’re calling from.
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