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Last updated on June 30, 2021

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Requeueing represents the act of placing an inbound or outbound call into an inbound queue. In both cases, requeue shortcuts represent settings you can create within the system that will allow agents to manually send their current call to a specific inbound queue, or to another agent with a special skill. 
You can think of requeue shortcuts as custom call transfer shortcuts (to an inbound queue). Please note that the requeue shortcuts settings allow you to give agents the ability to transfer calls to queues they do not have access to.

To configure requeue shortcuts, you can navigate to the campaign of your choice and select Requeue Shortcuts via the campaign’s configuration panel.

Alternative to requeue shortcuts

If you don’t wish to provide your agents with a curated list of custom requeue shortcuts, the alternative is to stick with the system’s default action, which is to provide agents with a list of all of the queues they have access to (via the Agent Access setting in any inbound queue’s configuration panel). We’ll discuss how to revert back to the system’s default settings in All about requeue shortcuts

Requeue shortcut uses

Say, for example, your outbound agents are trained to prequalify leads for sales — but these agents aren’t salespeople and thus cannot complete the actual sale transaction on the spot. You’re probably going to want your agents to send those prequalified leads to an available salesperson to complete the sale — and preferably immediately. 
This is where a requeue shortcut comes in handy. You can use the Requeue Shortcuts option (via the inbound queue or outbound campaign configuration panel) in the admin interface to configure a shortcut that agents can select to direct prequalified leads to your sales department’s inbound queue. All you have to do is provide the system with a queue and some basic information to create the shortcut. 
Another situation could involve requeuing a call to an inbound agent with a specific skill. Say a customer calls into your customer feedback queue — but the customer only speaks Spanish, and the agent who answered the call only speaks English. In this case, you could create a shortcut that allows the inbound agent to requeue the call to an inbound Spanish-speaking agent. 
Here’s how the setting looks on the admin side:
View of the Requeue Shortcut Configuration modal window
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